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  • Take Fuego on the go and keep it hot (or cold!) with this 16 oz travel tumbler from Miir, a company that reinvests a portion of its revenue toward environmental and community-driven initiatives! This insulated tumbler is made of stainless steel, has a leak-proof lid and is a perfect fit for a standard cupholder. Features the Fuego logo, "come for coffee, stay for community" slogan and coffee plant design by CW Brackett.
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  • Fuego’s flagship blend, created to appeal to the masses. Both the casual drinker and the coffee connoisseur will appreciate the smooth milk chocolate forward, accented by a bright, subtle fruit finish. Consistently one of our most popular bag choices, this offers a full, pleasant body, and is basically fool-proof for the at-home brewers.
  • “Belvedere” is Italian for “nice view,” in reference to the two sections of Loma La Gloria farm where this lot was grown, overlooking the Quetzaltepec Valley and El Picacho peak in El Salvador. Red bourbon coffee cherries are processed as white honey, yellow honey, and naturals and blended to showcase floral flavors and notes of grapefruit, lavender and oolong.
  • Brazil


    Smooth, smashable, crowd-pleasing

    Naturally processed in the Mogiana region of Brazil, this is a chocolatey, nutty, easy-drinking coffee, a comforting crowd-pleaser with low acidity, and a perennial good choice. This coffee is as delicious on drip and pour-over as it is in a full-immersion dripper or a French press. Take it home to your parents.

  • Whether you're in front of the campfire or the fireplace, this is the mug for you.
  • This coffee originates in the foothills of Colombia’s most notorious volcano, Nevado Del Ruiz, otherwise known as Black Mountain. The fertile volcanic soil and high altitude lends this coffee both a sweetness and a low acidity, with notes of shortbread and a soft caramel finish.
  • The "Cattleya," from the Naranjo region of Costa Rica, with notes of cane sugar, orange and red apple.
  • The medium acidity of this naturally processed coffee offers notes of sweet grapefruit and tropical fruits.
  • Kenya

    This African coffee will satisfy your sweet tooth with notes of peach, green apple and grapefruit.
  • A sweet coffee with notes of chocolate and raisin, produced by Mayan Harvest, a co-op of primarily women farmers in the Bella Vista municipality of Mexico.
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